Why you should choose a VELUX Certified Installer

Not all VELUX window installers are the same! When it comes to experience, knowhow and expertise, you should choose a VELUX Certified Installer.

Be selective with your window installer

While, on the face of it, your chosen VELUX installer may be competent, we'd like to tell you that not all installers are the same. You'll find that most roofing companies are able to install a roof window, but not all companies are the same, and few are awarded the prestigious VELUX Certified Installer accreditation - indeed, we're very proud to say that we're Portsmouth's ONLY VELUX Certified Installer.

What does Certified Installer mean?

As a VELUX Certified Installer, the quality of our work is physically assessed by VELUX each year, and we have to reach and maintain a standard of workmanship as determined by the Government's TrustMark scheme to ensure that we meet and stick to the required Government endorsed criteria:

This means:

  1. Our skills have been checked by an independent organisation by means of on-site inspection, as well as checks on our trading history and current financial status;
  2. We have agreed to and signed up to a special code of practice that includes insurance, strong health and safety practices along with excellent customer care;
  3. Our quality of work, overall trading practices and the levels of customer satisfaction have been checked and are checked onan going basis;
  4. Every customer is able to purchase an Insurance Backed Warranty scheme from us for additional peace of mind;
  5. Furthermore, Deposit Protection Insurance is available for you to purchase in the unlikely event that our firm should ever cease trading;
  6. We understand and can explain any necessary building regulations you must comply with and may also be able to provide you with appropriate certificates;
  7. If you have any kind of disagreement or problem with us, we offer a clear and easy to follow complaints procedure to help resolve the issue;
  8. The Government, building industry and consumer protection groups fully support the scheme.

Will it cost more to use a VELUX Certified/TrustMark registered firm?

The short answer is no. The VELUX Certified Installer and TrustMark registration simply means that the standard of our work is high. Top quality work doesn't mean high prices. What it does mean is complete peace of mind.

Why compromise? For more information, call us on 023 9383 8225.