Sun tunnel fitters in Portsmouth

If you want to benefit from natural light in a space but a roof window installation isn't possible or the right option, a sun tunnel is a great choice. With an installation from your local Portsmouth specialists, you'll soon have natural light aplenty.

The sun tunnel

Available for flat or pitched roofs, a sun tunnel is the perfect solution if you want to benefit from natural light in a certain space whether it be your bathroom, landing, bedroom, relaxation 'den', home office and more.

Perhaps a roof window isn't practical or desired but you'd rather not have to switch a light on every time you enter a certain room. With a sun tunnel, natural light will soon be a feature of your room or loft space in a stylish and effective installation.

Why we're the team to turn to in Portsmouth

  • Full VELUX accreditation - we're VELUX Certified Installers, which is the highest level
  • Flexible design - flat or pitched roofs, different levels of light and sizes
  • Full quotations - free and full quotes for all sun tunnel installations
  • Experienced - we've worked for many years throughout Portsmouth
  • Honest advice - we'll help you achieve the best natural light solution

Your choices

A great feature of sun tunnel technology is its flexibility of choice. They're available for flat and pitched roofs, and can be specified in flexible or rigid designs depending on the length required. We'll be happy to advise on what would be appropriate for your situation.

It's even possible to choose the levels of light you'd like so you're not stuck with a 'one size fits all' choice, and all work carries a guarantee.

If you'd like to learn more about how to get wonderful natural light flooding into your home, talk to the local experts today on 023 9383 8225.